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Stretching Human Consciousness With Big Ideas, Wisdom and Humor

About JRF

The coach's coach, consciousness teacher's teacher, intuitive’s intuitive. Advising practitioners in the fields of consciousness and esoteric understanding around the world since 2010. Jill Renee Feeler (JRF) helps this world better understand itself, its purpose and why it's here. In 2008, Jill had a transformational experience. It wasn’t from hitting rock bottom, nor from a near death experience. She was stressed about a career decision and her sister-in-law recommended her psychic, which as an MBA sounded crazy. That reading set in motion dominos of unfolding into a transcendent version of herself. She tapped into an internal access of unique, natural gifts for wisdom, insights, and philosophies.  Jill provides innovative, rational, effective access to transcendence and self-actualization.  Readings, Coaching, Presentations, Guest Spots, Published Books, Retreats, Epic travel.

Why You Should Join Us

In this community we expand, consider and be the soulful layers all life is, connecting with others doing the same.  We utilize the latest, advanced techniques from Jill Renee Feeler and from our own sense of inner divinity for soulful connection, creation and enjoyment of being present in self. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you to our community members as we recreate what it means to be human ~ supernaturally, soulfully, intelligently, pragmatically and fully present within our humanity.